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Veneers in Spokane, WA

Close up 3D rendering of a thin porcelain veneer being applied to a tooth at Northview Family Dental in Spokane, WAA radiant smile can have a tremendous impact on one's self-confidence and overall appearance. Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry solution that can help achieve a flawless smile. If you are considering enhancing your smile, contacting Northview Family Dental in Spokane for dental veneers may be the solution you've been seeking.

Dental Veneers: An Overview

Dental veneers are designed to improve the appearance of teeth by addressing a range of cosmetic concerns. Teeth veneers are preclean shells that are attached to the tooth's surface. The cosmetic dentistry option can be used to correct various imperfections. Here are some of the situations where our dental experts recommend veneers for patients.

Tooth Discoloration

Dental veneers are an effective solution for teeth that are severely discolored or stained and do not respond well to whitening treatments. Whether your teeth are naturally yellowed or have been affected by factors like medication or excessive fluoride, veneers pose as teeth coverings and can restore a bright, white smile.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Veneers can conceal chips and cracks in teeth, giving them a smooth and uniform appearance. This can improve the symmetry and attractiveness of your teeth.

Uneven Teeth

If you have teeth that are slightly misaligned, uneven, or have irregular shapes, teeth veneers can create a more harmonious smile due to a uniform and balanced appearance with these teeth coverings.

Gaps between Teeth

Veneers can effectively close small gaps between teeth, giving you a more even and attractive smile. You won't need further orthodontic treatment in most cases.

Do Veneers Look Like Real Teeth?

One of the most common concerns people have about dental veneers is whether they will look natural. The good news is that modern dental technology and materials have made it possible to create veneers that closely resemble natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers, in particular, are highly regarded for their ability to mimic the translucency, texture, and shine of natural tooth enamel.

The process of creating teeth veneers involves consideration of factors such as color, shape, and size to ensure a seamless integration with your existing teeth. An experienced dentist will design veneers that look natural and complement your facial features and desired outcome.

Once veneers are bonded to your teeth, they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. The shade and shape of the veneers can be customized to match your surrounding teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking smile. When you take proper care of your dental veneers, they can provide long-lasting results enhancing your smile for years to come.

Veneers in Spokane WA

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry option that can transform your smile, addressing concerns such as tooth discoloration, chipped or cracked teeth, uneven teeth, and gaps between teeth. With advancements in dental technology, veneers offer a natural and seamless appearance, closely resembling natural teeth.

If you are considering teeth veneers in Spokane, Northview Family Dental can help you achieve a confident and radiant smile. Call (509) 590-1763 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Leale and embark on your journey towards a beautiful smile with dental veneers.

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