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Dental Crown Spokane, WA

At NorthView Family Dental, we can restore teeth that are cracked, fractured, or have been restored, using a dental crown, also known as a cap. Working as a cap, a dental crown is created in a precise shape to fit your mouth, and fit your bite. This crown will encase the original tooth structure, providing it strength and restoring the shape of the natural tooth underneath. Dr Leale and Dr. Startin can help you keep your natural tooth, and save you from more problems in the future.


•  The restoration of the tooth's original shape and size
•  Reduce the instance of decay settling on the underlying toot
•  Providing additional strength to a tooth that has been weakened
•  A durable cap for a tooth, prolonging the life of the tooth

Learn About Crown Lengthening


Dental Crowns in Spokane, WA
Dental Crowns are a type of shield for your tooth. Made from either metal or porcelain, a crown looks and feels similar to a natural tooth, and provides protection to the natural structure. Many patients question why this process is necessary, extraction sounds like a cheaper and easier idea. At NorthView Family Dental, we will never recommend extraction unless there are no other options. Saving a tooth with a dental crown will provide you with much better long-term success. Extraction sites leave room for shifting, and bone atrophy, both of which will lead to many more appointments, making the repair process long and expensive.

Generally speaking, there are three basic types of crowns. These include:
•  All porcelain, commonly preferred due to its tooth color. Due to new porcelain technology we now have the ability to place all porcelain crowns on back teeth that have very little risk of fracture! These crowns are even indicated for those that grind or brux. Due to these advances most patients are electing these crowns.
•  Porcelain fused to metal, a stronger option than porcelain alone, but can chip exposing the metal beneath.
•  Gold, strong and has a very similar feel to your natural teeth, but is gold in color. This type of crown is durable yet more costly. Gold crowns are generally recommended for back teeth where the crown cannot be seen. Patients like that this type of crown feels most like your natural teeth and that your soft gum tissue adapts best to this material. Additionally, patients like that less actual tooth structure needs to be removed to fit this type of crown.

If a crown is needed, Dr. Leale or Dr. Startin will discuss what type of crown would be best for your situation.


When having a tooth Implant placed, a crown is used to place over the implant, or as anchor points for dental bridges. A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, once that root is healed, it is ready for a tooth or dental device to be placed. Most often, this will involve a dental crown.


•  Restore a tooth that is broken or fractured
•  Provide strength to a tooth that is severely damaged due to decay
•  To complete a dental implant procedure
•  Provide strength to a tooth following Root Canal Therapy
•  Enhance the look of a tooth


Placing a dental crown generally requires at least two appointments. To place a dental crown, first our dentist, Dr. Leale or Dr. Startin, will perform whatever procedure is necessary to remove the decayed or damaged portion of the original tooth. This may be a large filling, a broken tooth, a root canal, or a dental implant. Once the tooth structure is healthy, a mold is taken and used to manufacture a crown out of gold or porcelain to fit the healthy tooth, this is done with precision, the crown is designed to perfectly fit both your original tooth structure, and also the bite of your neighboring teeth. A temporary crown is placed on your tooth for approximately two weeks until your new crown is fabricated by a dental laboratory.

At your second appointment, Dr. Leale or Dr. Startin will remove your temporary crown, the tooth structure will be cleaned once again, and your new crown will be carefully placed to ensure the spacing and bite are accurate. The crown is then permanently fixed into place with special cement.

Our office also offers Onlays, also known as partial crowns, that helps build up the structure of the damaged tooth for certain patients.

You will be given care instructions and encouraged to have regular dental visits to check your crown. As always, proper oral hygiene will help extend the life of your new crown.

We are happy to answer your questions about dental crowns, tooth implants, and other dental restorations. Contact Dr. Leale or Dr. Startin at our Spokane, WA 99208 office for more information. (509) 590-1763

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