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5 Ways to Make Dentists Visits a Breeze for a Special Needs Child

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Every child is special in their own way and each can present a unique set of challenges and opportunities when visiting the dentist. Here are 5 tips to help you make your trip to the dentist as painless as possible!

Make Appointments Early.

All children do best when they are fresh! Bringing a child to the dentist after they have spent an entire day at school can make the visit hard and patience levels low. Book the first appointments of the day for optimum restfulness and cooperation.

Know Your Child.

As a parent, you know the in's and out's of your special child. Use this to your advantage at the office! If there is a favorite book, toy or show that your child likes, let the dental staff know! At our office, we have ipads, pillows and even blankets that we can use to tuck in around your child to create a feeling of security. If there is something that settles your child down at home, please feel free to use this tactic in the office!

Stop In for a 'Pre-Visit.'

Knowing what to expect can often take the edge off of nervousness when visiting the dentist. Making the time to stop by the office prior to appointment day could be a great way to introduce the new dentist office environment. Call ahead to check for 'busy-ness' and you may even score a private tour and a chance to sit in the dental chair without the next step of the actual exam.

Ask For a Calm/Quiet Room.

Waiting in busy reception rooms can add to the stress of any child. Ask the front desk staff if there is a private waiting room where you can calmly sit prior to your appointment. This could be the difference in getting your appointment off to a great start.

Role Play Before your Appointment.

Ever wanted to be a dentist? Now's your chance to play doctor as you role play what happens at the dentist with your child. Lean them back in a chair, gently tap their individual teeth with a tooth brush and then lightly brush their teeth for them. This will give them a great idea of what to expect on the day of their big visit!

Along with these big ideas, building a relationship with your dentist office will help you and your child achieve a calm and confident dental visit!
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