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What your Bad Breath is Telling You Spokane, WA

Woman covering mouth because of bad breath before diagnosis from Northview Family Dental in Spokane, WAIf you have chronic bad breath, your mouth could be trying to tell you something important. It is time to listen. If you have not recently consumed food that is known for bad breath, such as garlic or onions, and you cannot seem to kick the bad odor, you might be at risk for a serious dental condition.

Bad Breath and Oral Health Conditions

The following conditions are often prefaced by bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth that no amount of toothpaste or mouthwash seems to eliminate:
•  Gum Disease—Excessive plaque and bacteria on your teeth can take on an awful odor. If you suspect that gum disease is the reason for your bad breath, it is important to make an appointment right away.
•  Tooth decay—Decay in your mouth can also result in poor smelling breath as the acids slowly break down the enamel of your teeth.
•  Yeast infection—Oral Candida can grow in your mouth, causing a condition called thrush. Everyone has yeast in their system, but we are usually able to fight it off. When the body becomes unbalanced due to stress, illness or medication, thrush could result. Bad breath is one of the key signs of this illness and should be addressed by the dentist right away.

Bad breath is nothing to ignore. If you notice its continuance or worse yet, someone lets you know about it, you should seek dental attention to rule out any serious issues taking place in your mouth.

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What your Bad Breath is Telling You | NorthView Family
If you have chronic bad breath, your mouth could be trying to tell you something important. If you notice its continuance, seek our dental professionals today.
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