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The Floss Challenge

We challenge you to “floss” for oral health!

Okay! We may not be great at the floss dance, but we’re good at the other kind of flossing. That’s what counts.


We challenge you to do your best “floss dance” video as a commitment to flossing for 21 days straight (the length of time it takes to develop a good habit). Share it. Then challenge your friends and family to do it too!

Help us spread good oral health habits... and have fun doing it.

If you’re passionate about oral health and would like to help us take care of people in our community without proper oral health care access, donate to support our free day of dental with Dentistry from the Heart.

Learn more about our efforts with Dentistry from the heart here.


Flossing is essential to our oral health, yet most of us don’t do a great job at it.
It’s the dreaded questions that we know our hygienist is going to ask us about at every appointment and we’re going to tell that little white lie and say, “Oh, maybe 3–4 times a week” while in the back of our mind we’re thinking “...or 3–4 times a month.”

Overall Health
It’s recommended that we floss once a day, but why is it soooooo important? Well, one big thing is that if you’re not flossing your teeth, you’re not cleaning 35% of your tooth’s surface wear food debris gets stuck! Yikes. You wouldn’t clean everything in the bathroom, but neglect to clean the toilet, so why do we do it with our teeth.

Your dental health is a vital part of your overall physical health. The soft tissues and teeth in your mouths are very telling indicators on what’s happening in the rest of your bodies. When you swallow the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease, your liver releases proteins that have inflammatory effects on your whole body.

What can poor oral health mean for the rest of your body? Most of us are aware that poor oral health leads to cavities, bad breath and even tooth loss, but poor oral health is also commonly associated with several other health risks, like:
•  Dementia
•  Lung issues, like pneumonia
•  Kidney disease
•  Diabetes
•  Heart disease
•  Mouth cancer
•  Strokes

Flossing Guidelines
So what’s the best way to ensure you’re flossing correctly?
•  Use a piece of floss about the length of your arm
•  Wrap each end around your index fingers OR a double pronged flosser is another great option
•  Slide the floss between the teeth and wrap it around the side of the tooth (in almost a C shape)
•  Making sure your getting under the gum line
•  Move the floss both up and down and back and forth between your teeth
•  Floss both sides of the tooth before moving on to the adjacent tooth

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