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NorthView Family Dental presents: Dentistry from the Heart


Join Dr. Leale, Dr. Startin & the team at NorthView Family Dental at our 8th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event!


Without the help of these amazing community partners, Dentistry from the Heart would not be a possibility:
•  DELTA DENTAL: $10,000!
Thank you Delta Dental for your jaw-dropping contribution to our cause. You have blown our socks off and allowed us to do so much more than just help the people at Dentistry from the Heart. Because of your contribution, we were able to extend the amount of work we did on our Compass Giveaway (smile makeover) patients
•  Horizon Credit Union & Washington Trust: $500
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to making our community a healthier, happier place.
•  Costco: $100
Without the generous support of Costco we would be unable to supply everyone (patients and volunteers) with healthy snack options throughout the event.
•  Barnes & Noble (Northtown): Tables & Chairs
Year-after-year your team allows us to take their break tables and chairs for the day in order to help screen and check everyone in for Dentistry from the Heart. Thank you for your continued support.


The patients we serve at Dentistry from the Heart could not be treated without the skill and dedication of these volunteers:
•  Dr. Nicholas Freuen and the team from Spokane Oral Surgery
•  Dr. Collinsand the team from The Center for Oral Surgery
•  Dr. Hone and the team at CHAS
•  Paula Williamsand the dedicated team at Operation Healthy Family.
Thank you for your continued support.

Friday, September 18, 2020, 7AM - 1PM

This year, we are asking all of our patients to look within their community to find friends and family that need dental services but don't have access to quality dental care!


At this time we will be hosting our annual Dentistry from the Heart event. At any time the CDC may change guidelines that would no longer allow us to hold the event. If this occurs, we will cancel/postpone the event and notify everyone on Facebook/our event page. We have made changes to adhere to CDC and local guidelines. For the safety of all of the patients and our volunteers, we will be taking extra precautions for this event.

What this looks like for you (THE PATIENT)
•  Patients with elevated temperatures or flu-like symptoms will not be seen
•  We prefer to not have anyone besides the patient in the facility. If you are coming with someone, we ask that they stay in the car whenever possible.
•  You will need to swish with peroxide prior to being seen (this helps eliminate the virus in the mouth)
•  High-risk individuals should stay home
•  Call the office or text (509-489-2538) upon arriving and wait in the car until we are ready for you
•  You will need to wear a mask (outside of the operatory)
•  You will need to wash their hands upon entering our facility
•  You will be given COVID-19 consent form to review and sign along with any other consent forms needed for the procedure (extraction, root canal, etc)
•  Patients should complete fast check-in
•  Nitrous will not be offered during this time (there is some evidence that the virus can live inside the delivery tubes)
•  All operators will have HEPA air purifiers running (these circulate the air 3-4 times per hour)
•  Public refreshments and the coffee station have been temporarily removed. The office may provide individual, sealed water bottles to patients
•  You will be able to pay via card readers that you do not have to touch or you can prepay over the phone prior to your appointment
•  Checkout will be completed in the chair
What this looks like for us (NVFD)
•  All team members will wear face shields whenever indicated by the treatment you are having
•  Team members will use high-level filtration masks and head covers
•  Our jackets will be changed after treating each patient
We are also committed to the following in each area of our office:Reception Area
•  Wiping down all surfaces every hour
•  We have removed all chairs from the reception room and will seat you directly into your sanitized patient room ASAP
•  Please maintain social distancing upon arrival
•  UV virus and bacteria eliminating HEPA filter will turn the air over in the room 3-4 times an hour
Patient Rooms
•  Continued use of Cavi (Coronavirus eliminating) wipes on all surfaces (this is something we have always done)
•  UV virus and bacteria eliminating filters will be in every treatment room
•  Per our normal process, all instruments are individually sterilized and packaged for your protection


RSVP here by selecting your preferred time block! Please arrive 15 minutes before your RSVP'd time to allow for pre-screening.

RSVP for the 7am time block
RSVP for the 8am time block
RSVP for the 9am time block
RSVP for the 10am time block
RSVP for the 11am time block
RSVP for the 12pm time block
RSVP for the 1pm time block

Please arrive at the start of your selected time slot. If you don't RSVP, you can still attend, but you'll have to wait in line. All patients will be seen on a first-come-first-served basis. We will have multiple doctors working to see as many patients as possible!

Email Mikayla at with any questions!

8th Annual Dentistry from the Heart
NorthView Family Dental
5901 N Lidgerwood, Ste 225
Spokane, WA 99208


We need your help! We are in search of:
• Dentists
• Hygienists
• Dental Assistants
• Nurses
• Students
• Good samaritans
If you are interested in joining us in "Making a Difference" in the lives of members of the Spokane community, please call 509-489-2538 or email Mikayla at


It takes a considerable amount of supplies to put on a free day of dental!

Monetary contributions cover the cost of materials for x-rays, filings, simple and surgical extractions. No contribution is too small - every dollar counts!

If you'd like to make a donation, please make checks payable to Dentistry from the Heart and send them to NorthView Family Dental, 5901 N. Lidgerwood St. STE 225, Spokane, WA 99208.

If you have any questions, please call 509-489-2538 or email Mikayla at

Dentistry from the Heart Tax ID #20-5178003

**Current patients of NorthView Family Dental are not eligible to receive free services as we are looking to help those without access to dental care.
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