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Sedation Dentistry

a sedation dentistry patient from Northview Family Dental in Spokane, WASedation dentistry is the practice of mildly sedating patients so they are more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. You won’t be completely unconscious. Instead, it is conscious sedation, where you are awake but cannot feel pain.

Also known as sleep dentistry, this practice is used here at Northview Family Dental for our more anxious and sensitive patients. All of our dentists take the utmost care and consideration to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

There is no age limit for those who can benefit from sedation during a dental procedure. Dr. Leale recommends it for patients who:
•  Have panic attacks before dental procedures
•  Have anxiety during procedures
•  Have a sensitive gag reflex
•  Have a phobia of dental instruments such as needles
•  Have painful tooth or gum sensitivity
•  Are unable to sit still, such as children
•  Have mental, behavioral, or physical special needs

What Kind of Sedation is Used?

Our dentists, Dr. Startin, judge the amount and type of sedation based on your specific needs. We have various options, including oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and IV (intravenous) sedatives.

Oral Sedatives

Thirty minutes before your dental procedure begins, our dentists will give you a sedative in the form of a pill to take orally. Several medications are available, such as triazolam, diazepam, zaleplon, and lorazepam. For children who are usually unable to swallow a tablet, we prefer to administer oral liquid sedation instead. The sedation is extremely effective at dulling your senses and can make you fall asleep. They also affect your motor and cognitive skill; therefore, if you choose to take an oral sedative, you will not be able to go home by yourself and will need a friend or family member to assist you.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide slows your brain’s natural response to stimuli and causes a sense of euphoria and calmness. It is inhaled through a nosepiece or mask and takes, on average, three to five minutes to take effect. When your procedure is done, we will give you pure oxygen to breathe to completely remove the nitrous oxide from your system. You will be back to normal and able to go home by yourself.

IV Sedatives

Intravenous sedation is the strongest type of sedation dentistry. Most people go into a deep sleep and have very little memory of the dental procedure when they wake up. A cannula is inserted into your vein so that the sedative can be administered directly into your bloodstream. As this practice is the most invasive and can be risky, therefore, we will continuously monitor your oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. This method is preferred for extremely anxious patients and those who have to undergo lengthy dental procedures.

Ask About Our Sedation Options Today

At Northview Family Dental, we offer all of our patients the best of Spokane Sleep Dentistry. Call us at (509) 590-1763 to ask us any questions or concerns about the sedation options we have so you can have a positive dental experience.

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At NorthView Family Dental in Spokane, we offer a wide variety of sedation options for our patients who might be letting fear stop them from getting treatment.
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