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a patient seeking dental emergency treatment atNorthview Family DentalDental emergencies are downright scary. Even if you have never experienced one, you should always be prepared. The more knowledge you have about what to do, the easier the process becomes if and when it actually occurs to you or someone in your care. There are many different types of emergencies that you may have to deal with—knowing what to do is half of the battle when it comes to a positive outcome for the emergency.

Knocked out Tooth

A knocked out tooth is one of the scariest dental emergencies to experience. The actions that you take, however, are crucial to the outcome. In general, the largest concern you have with a knocked out tooth is how you care for it. Because time is of the essence, you need to properly store the tooth in order for us to be able to restore it in your mouth. The tooth should not be picked up or touched at the roots—only the crown of the tooth should be handled. The best case scenario means that you can put the tooth back in the socket or in your cheek in order to keep it moist. If this is not a possibility because you are in too much pain or it is a child that cannot hold the tooth in place, place it in a glass of milk. You should also take care to control the bleeding and rinse your mouth to ensure that all pieces are removed from your mouth. Once everything is settled, call our office immediately so that you can be seen.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Cracking or chipping a tooth is an emergency as well; it is just not as threatening as the knocked out tooth. Your first step should be to control the bleeding by rinsing your mouth with warm water. When the bleeding subsides, apply a cold compress to the outside of the area and call our office so that we can give you the next important steps to take. If you are in extreme pain, over the counter ibuprofen will help to minimize the swelling and the pain.

Tooth Aches

Sometimes, a toothache can feel like a true emergency. Depending on the reason for the pain, it could be, but there are a few steps you can take to minimize the pain. Start by rinsing your mouth out with warm water. Oftentimes, toothaches are a result of food debris getting stuck in areas that are painful. Strong swishing with the water can help to remove the debris and eliminate the pain. If this does not do the trick, try putting a cold compress on the outside of the area that hurts and/or taking ibuprofen to control the pain. You should call us as well in this type of emergency so that we can help you assess the situation and the best next steps.

Do not ignore the signs of a dental emergency. Sometimes it can mean the difference between keeping and losing your natural tooth.

Call our office right away for an appointment whenever you have a dental emergency!

NOTE: These instructions do not represent the medical advice of our dental office, always refer to your personalized pre or post-op instructions given to you by your dentist or call us at (509) 590-1763 for dental advice.

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Dental emergencies are downright scary. Even if you have never experienced one, you should always be prepared. The more knowledge you have...
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