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Get Your Bite Back

Dentures from a team of trusted dental experts. Our dentists are uniquely qualified to provide dentures of all types, from traditional, removable dentures to full-mouth dental implants, and everything in between. At Northview Family Dental, we will help you smile confidently again!

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Let Us Restore Your Smile

At Northview Family Dental, we understand that it's a big decision to replace a whole row of teeth. That's why we offer a wide range of dental restorations and customized treatment plans to fit your individual needs! When you choose our practice, you can rest assured that we love our patients, provide a world-class level of care, and help make treatment affordable. Join us and experience the difference!

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Types of Dentures

At Northview Family Dental, conveniently located in Spokane, we offer many types of dentures. We also understand the fear and embarrassment associated with going to the dentist, especially when you're missing teeth. We are here to help, not lecture or judge. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help people restore their smile and confidence.

Traditional Dentures
Traditional dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are typically made from acrylic and are held in place by natural suction or denture adhesives. While cost-effective, they may require regular adjustments for optimal fit and function.

Same-Day Dentures
Same-day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are a type of removable dental prosthetic. They are fabricated before tooth extraction, allowing patients to have dentures immediately after the extraction process. While convenient, these dentures may require adjustments as the mouth heals and reshapes over time to ensure a secure fit.

Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures are a more stable alternative to traditional dentures. They are secured in the mouth using dental implants, which are surgically placed in the jawbone. This provides superior stability, comfort, and the ability to eat a wider range of foods. Implant-supported dentures are a popular choice for those seeking a more permanent solution.

All-on-X is a full-arch dental implant technique that offers a fixed and non-removable dental prosthesis. It typically involves using four or more dental implants to support a full set of teeth, ensuring a natural appearance and excellent chewing function. All-on-X provides a durable, long-term solution for patients with significant tooth loss.

Spokane's Leading Dental Team

Robert Leale, DDS

Dr. Leale earned his dental degree from the University of Maryland Dental School, after earning his bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and Spokane District Dental Society, where he serves on the peer review committee. Dr. Leale is also a proud recipient of the 2007 Academy of Dental Materials Excellence Award.
Robert Leale, DDS at Northview Family Dental

Brett Startin, DDS

Dr. Brett Startin earned his dental degree from Ohio State University after earning his Bachelor's degree from Arizona State University. He has 10 years of experience in the dental industry and has been practicing at Northview Family Dental since 2012, treating patients throughout eastern Washington and northern Idaho.
Brett Startin, DDS at Northview Family Dental

Quinn Martin, DDS

After earning his Bachelor degree from Brigham Young University, Dr. Quinn Martin earned his dental degree from Oregon Health and Science University, where he graduated with honors and earned student awards for his work in endodontics and implant planning & restoration. He has 5 years of experience in the dental industry and has been practicing at NorthView Family Dental since 2018, treating patients throughout eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Oregon.
Quinn Martin, DDS at Northview Family Dental

Believe our patients!


What an amazing dental experience. They came highly recommended, and exceeded all expectations. I have seen them on 3 separate visits, and have interacted with many different professionals here. To a person they have all been extraordinary. I trust their quality of work, and kindness of service. I feel like I am in good hands with Northview Family Dental.

- Raymond K.


Not many people enjoy going to the dentist. However, this place has a kind, friendly, and welcoming staff. I can't overstate how nice and awesome everyone was. My teeth needed a lot of work and they were very kind in helping me fix my smile. I am really happy with the service and care they provided to me. I feel like I got my smile back. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a professional and awesome staff who will take care of your teeth while helping you feel at ease. I was not disappointed. Thank you again.

- Jordan T.


Cutting edge technology, super friendly staff, knowledgeable and affordable. They fixed an issue I was having for about 10 years in less than 15 minutes. Other dentists had refused to help, but these guys said it was absolutely doable and did it on the spot with no appointment. Doc Martin was amazing. 10/10 recommend!

- Jen C.

Dentures FAQ's

Proper denture care involves daily cleaning, soaking, and brushing to remove food particles and prevent staining. Dentures should be handled with care to avoid damage, and regular dental check-ups are essential for adjustments and maintenance.
To clean dentures, use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a denture brush and a mild denture cleaning solution. Avoid using regular toothpaste, which can be abrasive and damage the dentures. Soak your dentures overnight in water or a denture cleaning solution, following the manufacturer's recommendations.
Modern dentures are designed to look as natural as possible. The color, shape, and arrangement of the artificial teeth are customized to match your natural smile.
Yes, you can eat with dentures, but there may be an adjustment period while you learn to chew and bite with them. Soft foods are recommended initially, and gradually, you can introduce a wider range of foods into your diet.
The lifespan of dentures can vary, but they typically last between 5 to 10 years or more with proper care. Over time, changes in your jawbone and gum tissue may require adjustments or replacement.
Dentures can take some time to get used to, but with proper adjustments and practice, they can become comfortable. However, discomfort or sore spots may occur initially and may require adjustments by your dentist.
If your dentures become loose or uncomfortable, it's essential to schedule a dental appointment. Your dentist can adjust the fit, make necessary modifications, or recommend alternative solutions like implant-supported dentures to improve comfort and stability.

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