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Sleep Apnea
Spokane Valley, WA

Woman covering her ears with pillow while man snores with sleep apnea diagnosed by  NorthView Family Dental in Spokane, WASleep apnea is a disease that is often overlooked. Many people mistakenly believe that only obese people suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, this is not true; anyone can suffer from sleep apnea. There are many reasons why you should not ignore the signs of this disease, including:

Sleep apnea can be hard on your cardiovascular system

This means you could be at risk for heart disease and stroke, both of which are often linked to fatalities.

Sleep apnea can cause elevated blood pressure

This causes additional problems with your health and wellness.

Sleep apnea can cause problems with your memory

It has often been related to memory loss as well as difficulty with operating heavy machinery and/or cars.

Some people die in the middle of the night from sleep apnea

This can happen due to a problem that occurs with the rhythm of their heart.

The loss of quality sleep that sleep apnea causes can make you chronically fatigued

This can make it very difficult to function in daily life. For many people this results in the loss of a job, difficulty parenting or even difficulty staying awake enough to drive a car.

Common signs of sleep apnea include:
• Feeling chronically fatigued
• Snoring often
• Pauses in breathing during sleep
• Sore throat or headaches upon awakening
• Daytime sleepiness
• Uncharacteristic mood disturbances
• Nighttime teeth clenching/grinding
If you're experiencing any of these symptoms you should be evaluated for sleep apnea. This very serious disease is not something to ignore as its risks can become debilitating, if not fatal.

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Sleep Apnea Spokane, WA Dentist | Northview Family Dental
Anyone can suffer from sleep apnea. There are many reasons why you shouldn't ignore the signs, read the following information to learn more or call us today.
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