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Preventing Your Teeth From Yellowing

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Robert Leale
Preventing Your Teeth From YellowingThe first step in preventing needing teeth whitening doesn't get brought up enough. Maintaining your teeth's natural whiteness for the rest of your life is possible by preventing them from prematurely aging. You might know already that you can make your teeth white, but how can you prevent them from ever needing whitening in the first place?

Causes of Teeth Yellowing

When you hear that cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee discolor your teeth, you are referring to the white portion of the tooth that is NOT living. This non-living component of the tooth may be easily whitened using whitening treatments that brighten the tooth's outer part. Whitening the inside of the tooth is significantly more challenging. Dentin is the living tissue found within your teeth. Living tissue ages in the same manner as wrinkles on the skin do, as well as any other living tissue. Dentin deteriorates with aging. Abuse, like not wearing sunscreen, hastens the aging process. Because the outer surface of the tooth is transparent, whatever color the inside of the tooth is gets reflected out to the outside, changing the appearance of your teeth. It is very difficult to whiten this living, internal tissue of the tooth. A tooth cannot be "facelifted," so this aging is irreversible. You can prevent your teeth from yellowing by preventing the aging process of your teeth since they're living like any other tissue in your body.

Slow Down The Yellowing Process

Bruxism must be addressed. Because of all that force, clenching and grinding your teeth prematurely ages, shrinks, and yellows them. Consider the effect grinding may have on your teeth! Keep your teeth safe from harm. Use a mouthguard during strenuous activities to keep youngsters safe from falls. At a cocktail party, don't put your glass near your mouth. You'd be surprised how frequently people get knocked down and have their teeth knocked out! Feed your entire body. A good diet, sufficient relaxation, and stress management will slow the aging process of all living tissues in your body, including dentin. Too many individuals, including dentists, are too worried about dental stains caused by berries, tea, cigarettes, soy sauce, and spicy meals.

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