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Raw Diets Can Harm Your Teeth If You Are Not Careful

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Robert Leale
Raw Diets Can Harm Your Teeth If You Are Not CarefulWhile proponents of raw food diets claim that eating raw foods is more nutritional and better for health, we do not feel the foods are all that dental-friendly. While raw and fibrous foods do contain essential vitamins and minerals, you can still receive the nutrition you need by steaming vegetables or baking and cooking your foods.

Why Raw Foods May Not Be Good for the Gums and Teeth

If you rely on raw and tough fibrous vegetables and fruits in your diet, they can damage dental enamel over time. Plus, the amount of chewing you do can also affect your jaw and lead to jaw soreness and pain. Also, because raw foods are usually low in calories, you may eat more food, which increases the plant-based enzymes in your body. This adversely affects digestion, leading to gastrointestinal distress and a buildup of acid in the mouth. If this occurs, it can further wear down the enamel.

What Is Good for You May Lead to Malnutrition

An overabundance of raw foods can also lead to malnutrition. How does this occur? If you eat too many fibrous foods, it leads to bloating and, again, problems with digestion. When this happens, it is difficult for the vitamins and minerals in the foods to break down properly and absorb into the bloodstream. If you are malnourished, it can also lead to problems with inflammation and an increased risk of dental decay and gum disease.

Why Cooking Foods Helps

To receive the nutrients you need for optimum oral health, the foods you eat need to be completely broken down and the nutrients absorbed. This can only happen if you cook fibrous foods and make them softer. Therefore, cooking or heat increases the bioavailability of the nutrients in the foods you eat.

Are you currently following a raw food menu? If so, you may want to adjust your diet. You should also see us every six months for exams and professional cleanings. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

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