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What Are Different Types of Intraoral Cameras Used For?

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Robert Leale
What Are Different Types of Intraoral Cameras Used For?Intraoral cameras convey a thousand words. These compact cameras are shaped like a small wand and are inserted into the patient's mouth to take quality color photos. They allow the patient to see what we see. Actually, they enhance our scope of vision as we use them to explore the corners of a patient's mouth. We have found that intraoral cameras have made our jobs as dental professionals much faster, smoother, and more convenient for our patients. Intraoral cameras are non-invasive and convenient. Different types of intraoral cameras are available and may become commonplace in many dental offices as more people understand their varied uses.

Uses for Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are portable and easily connect to a computer so they can quickly capture the scene inside the patient's mouth and then display the image on an adjacent computer screen. Most patients enjoy seeing the whole picture and are more apt to accept the treatment protocol when they too can see the problem on the screen. Children enjoy seeing their teeth on the screen as well, and while looking at the images they can see where they may be lacking in oral health. In addition, intraoral cameras are used for patient records and case documentation. This is a valuable tool to track the success of a treatment. We both send and receive images from intraoral cameras to other dentists and specialists. If we need to communicate with an insurance company, a photo from an intraoral camera can be a helpful as well.

We have found intraoral cameras to be helpful tools. They are easy to use and convey images which we use to help the patient understand why we may be suggesting a dental procedure. If you are wondering about periodontal disease, tooth decay, or damaged teeth, we can easily show you a high quality picture of the status of your teeth within minutes of walking into our office. Come on in today to view your teeth on our screen.

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