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Benefits of Getting Dental Debridement

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Robert Leale
Benefits of Getting Dental DebridementEvery mouth is unique – just like its owner! While some may be blessed with a low maintenance gum line that only requires the recommended bi-annual cleanings, others are cursed with overactive plaque that causes more trouble than they can handle. And then there are those that forget that they have a mouth for a few years and suddenly look in the mirror to find intense yellowing in all corners. While debridement isn't an immediate help to any staining, it is a very useful technique when your mouth is overrun with unwanted guests.

Clean Out the Clutter

It's no surprise to anyone that when plaque and tartar are left to their own devices, they can wreak havoc on the teeth and gums. Hardened tartar is always eager to decompose your tooth and make a clean entryway for cavities to form. Plus, plaque's favorite meeting place is nestled right along your gum line. Any kind of build-up will irritate and infect your gums, leading to swollen, bleeding gingivitis. Flossing each day decreases the plaque in your mouth that will transform into this terrible tartar, but cracks are overlooked. Crevices are missed, flossing is rushed or skipped entirely, and – BAM! You have yourself a delightful layer of problems coating your teeth. Of course, your normal visits to the office help to fight back these deviants, but what can you do when a simple cleaning just isn't enough?

It isn't too late for your mouth! If you've found some stubborn tartar making a home between your molars, ask us for a debridement! We'll be happy to work with your schedule and provide this non-surgical procedure in a deep clean that will make your mouth feel refreshed. Call our offices to schedule an appointment or ask us if we would recommend one for you on your next visit.

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