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Are Some Lumps in Your Mouth Normal?

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Robert Leale
Are Some Lumps in Your Mouth Normal?Lumps in the mouth can be due to a number of reasons, which can range in seriousness from benign to severe complication. Lumps can be an early sign of oral cancer, which is why we advise you come into our office for regular oral cancer screenings. Most lumps can be treated quickly and do not result in any major procedures needing to take place.

Possible Causes of Lumps Within the Mouth

Oral cancer can be a cause of lumps appearing in the mouth, which is why it is important to have lumps screened as quickly as possible. If a lump is found to be cancerous, it can trigger early intervention and increase the chance of successful treatment. Oral cancer screenings are quick and can be done in our office easily.

Other causes of lumps within the oral cavity can be due to irritation, warts, either genital or regular, and thrush. Lumps caused by irritation can sometimes change into cancerous growths, so these lumps should be monitored by us closely. Genital warts and thrush can be treated with medication, which we can prescribe for you.

Lumps can appear on the inside of the cheek, on the floor of the mouth, at the back of the mouth and on the roof. Salivary gland tumors are a type of lump that can appear inside the mouth, and can be cancerous, although they are often not. These are important to have monitored, and possibly removed, to reduce the chance of developing oral cancer.

Cysts are another form of lump that can occur for several different reasons, such as a result of a wisdom tooth removal, or from biting too hard on your lip. We can investigate these lumps and determine the best cause of action based on the diagnosis.

It is best to have any lumps inside the mouth assessed by our team, so they can determine the cause and necessary treatment. In most cases, lumps are benign and do not require invasive treatment.
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