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Issues That Could Arise from a Cracked Molar If Not Treated

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Robert Leale
Issues That Could Arise from a Cracked Molar If Not TreatedAlthough a hard layer of enamel coats our teeth, they are very delicate and need to be well-taken care if we want them to serve us for the longest possible time. When a molar is cracked, most people tend to ignore it until when they absolutely have to take care of it. Leaving a cracked molar untreated can have disastrous consequences.

Pressure Sensitivity

Having a cracked molar should not be ignored. When a tooth like that cracks, it does so in a way that the nerve endings are often exposed. This means that exerting even the slightest of pressure can cause tremendous pain. Additionally, you will likely negatively react to drinks that are hot or cold because said drinks now has the ability to reach the nerve. This can make eating and drinking very painful.

Could Cause the Tooth to Break Completely

When a molar cracks, it exposes the inner part of the tooth, which leaves sections such as the root and nerve exposed. Structurally, this weakens the teeth by quite a bit, which makes it easy to break off completely. Using the cracked tooth to bite down on something or chew a hard food item can escalate the problem almost immediately, which can cause you a lot of pain.


Since the inner parts of the tooth are exposed, it leaves a door wide open to infection. The mouth is host to a lot of bacteria. When they find their way into the cracked molar, the infection is much faster and typically more painful because the protective enamel has been compromised. An infection like this can be very dangerous because if it gets deep enough to the blood vessels, they could be used to spread it to other parts of the body.

A cracked molar, or any other tooth for that matter, should be taken with a lot of seriousness. Make time to come see us so that we can examine the tooth to see the extent of the damage and consequently determine how to deal with it.

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