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How Does Marshmallow Root Impact Your Gums?

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Robert Leale
How Does Marshmallow Root Impact Your Gums?Not to be confused with the fluffy white confection associated with s'mores, marshmallow root is a powerful herbal supplement with a laundry list of healthful properties. In olden days, it was used as a medicine to treat a wide variety of ailments, but today its value lies in its anti-inflammatory properties and the many benefits it can lend to your oral health.

The Role of Marshmallow Root in Your Oral Health

While no herbal supplement is a replacement for professional medical care, marshmallow root can still be useful in protecting your mouth from irritation and infection.
You can use marshmallow root in the following ways:
•  As a rinse. Marshmallow root is an effective rinse for your mouth to target swelling and infection. Boil the root, then let it steep in water. Swish it in your mouth after brushing and flossing to allow its anti-inflammatory properties sooth your gums.
•  As a paste. Another way to utilize marshmallow root is to boil it, then set aside the steeped liquid for other uses. Puree the softened root and you can either brush your teeth with it or apply it directly to your gums as a soothing balm.
•  As a preventative. Marshmallow root has been shown to help aid in building collagen and connective tissue, so taking a modest dose of this supplement can help prevent tooth loss.

Marshmallow root is highly beneficial when targeting gum disease in your mouth. Not only does it reduce swelling, it can promote healing of infected gingival tissue. It is also a strong analgesic, taking away some of the discomfort that can accompany early stage gum disease.
Before starting any supplements, please call our office for advice from our professional and skilled staff. While marshmallow root is regarded as safe, it does have contraindications for people with low blood pressure and other underlying conditions. It is far better to receive regular checkups and cleanings than to rely on herbal supplements, so please give our office a call today to schedule your next comprehensive dental exam.

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