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Causes of Bleeding Gums in Toddlers

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Robert Leale
Causes of Bleeding Gums in Toddlers It can be a cause of concern for parents if their little one's gums start bleeding. Bleeding gums in toddlers is an early warning sign of poor dental care, unhealthy diet, and other issues. At Northview Family Dental, Dr. Leale and Dr. Startin can help you figure out how to take care of your child's gum health to ensure a healthy mouth.

Causes of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums may be caused by many things. These include [[[DIVSTYLE:margin-left:25px|[[[BulletList:Tartar that can cause gingivitis The buildup of plaque and calculus is the commonest cause. Bacteria in the mouth feeds on the sugars that came from your child's sweet and starchy food and create an acidic substance that erodes the surface of the enamel, causing decay and inflamed gums. When your child brushes his teeth, the tender gums will bleed. Gum bleeding in toddlers may also be caused by dry mouth. When toddlers breather though their mouth instead of their nose, due to allergies, swollen tonsils or adenoids or sinus issues. Additionally, a small upper may prevent your child from closing their mouth completely at night. If dry gums is the cause of bleeding, you will witness that mostly only the upper gums will bleed. If your child brushes his teeth vigorously or brushed with a hard-bristled brush, his gums can sustain injury and can bleed.

How to Bleeding Gums

Brushing your teeth gently twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush can reduce bleeding of the gums in toddlers. If your child isn't dexterous enough to brush his teeth properly you should help him out. Although some children may want to brush their teeth all by themselves, it is recommended that you oversee your child's oral care regimen till he turns seven or eight and can brush properly. Brushing teeth after eating sugary or starchy food is recommended so the best time to brush your child's teeth is after breakfast and before bedtime. Just add a smear of toothpaste for children under two years of age and pea-sized toothpaste for children between two and five. Parents should also add flossing to their child's daily oral care routine after all their primary teeth come in. Taking care of your child's oral health since the beginning can ensure life-long oral health. If you have any concerns regarding your child's oral health, schedule an appointment with us at (509) 590-1763.

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