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Your Tongue Could Lead to You Having Bad Breath

Posted on 4/10/2020 by Robert Leale
Your Tongue Could Lead to You Having Bad Breath Your tongue may be causing your breath to smell bad. In fact, in many cases, the tongue is the source of halitosis or unpleasant-smelling breath. We can help you with this type of problem, and help you learn what it takes to enjoy sweeter-smelling and fresher breath. After all, bad breath can destroy your social life and working relationships. Therefore, it is best to address the problem as soon as possible. The following information can give you further details about this dental condition.

What Causes Halitosis?

Apart from the bacteria that collects on the back of the tongue, bad breath may result from gum disease or poor oral hygiene. Dry mouth, which is caused by stress, medical ailments, or medicines, may also lead to halitosis. Because smoking staves off oxygen, it can also trigger an unpleasant breath. Other reasons for halitosis include post-nasal discharge from sinusitis, acid reflux, and foods, such as cauliflower, garlic, and onions. However, these foods only cause temporary problems in this respect.

What Are the Symptoms Related to Halitosis and How Is It Treated?

Besides a stinky breath, halitosis is indicated by a burning tongue or bad breath in the morning. A build-up around the teeth can signal halitosis, as well as the need to clear your throat. We tell patients here at our office that we cannot treat halitosis, as it results from another problem. Therefore, we need to treat the origin of the bad breath. When the tongue is causing halitosis, we suggest that patients use a tongue scraper to keep it clean or brush their tongue after they brush their teeth. In fact, you can find various tongue scrapers or brushes on the market. To scrape or brush the tongue, use a thorough and gentle approach. Go from the back to the front of the tongue. The most difficult-to-reach part, or the back, smells the worst. We can help you solve a bad breath problem. For example, if you suffer from chronic sinusitis, we may be able to suggest a saline nasal spray. Whatever the reason for the bad breath, we can determine the cause so we can find a cure. Call us today if you have bad breath or another dental problem. Get the condition treated immediately. Never delay addressing any oral hygiene issue. Again, take a proactive stance and call us today.

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