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Dental Tips to Never Follow

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Robert Leale
Dental Tips to Never FollowWhile there is a lot of information about how to care for your teeth, some of the information you may find can be harmful to your dental health.

Whenever you're reading something about oral health, you want to make sure it's from a reputable source. Misinformation about dental hygiene can lead to dental complications and may even be harmful to your health.

One dental tip we often see perpetuated is that a harder bristled toothbrush is better for oral hygiene. This simply isn't true in most cases. Hard bristled brushes actually cause minor cuts to the gums and wear down the teeth quicker.

Hard bristled brushes are mostly used for denture care. Regularly brushing with a hard bristled brush can make your gums irritated and even bleed so it's best to stay away from them as much as possible. Instead, opt for a soft to medium bristled brush.

Alcohol-based Mouthwash

We often see people say you need to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth. While it's true mouthwash is an important part of your daily dental routine, it can be harmful if you choose the incorrect one. Mouthwash high in alcohol content can actually cause more bacteria to grow in your mouth.

If you suffer from constant dry mouth, avoid mouthwashes with high alcohol content because it dries the mouth out further. Dry mouth creates an ideal environment for bacteria growth. Instead, try to use mouthwashes meant for dry mouths or ones low in alcohol content.

If you have any more questions about how to care for your teeth, give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about dental care. We know it can be hard finding a reputable source of information on the internet, but we can help you. Our dentist's office prides itself on knowledge, and we would be happy to share it with you!
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