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Can Seaweed Help Protect Against Cavities?

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Robert Leale
Can Seaweed Help Protect Against Cavities?Tooth decay is a common result that comes from the plaque that builds up over time. The way it develops is bacteria are feeding on sugar and food particles and converts it into acid plaque.

As bacteria continue to produce it on the teeth, it eventually eats through the protective enamel causing a cavity. According to studies conducted at Newcastle University's School of Dental Sciences, they have found a correlation between seaweed and tooth decay prevention.

Seaweed and Tooth Decay

The Newcastle University research has come across a form of bacterium found on the surface of seaweed. This bacteria attacks and removes plaque. They started off by seeing if it could remove bacteria from large ship hulls. Eventually, they realized this bacteria could be used to fight against tooth decay.

They are continuing to do further research to see where they can take this new knowledge and apply to the future of cavity prevention. Researchers believe these studies can produce better toothpastes that will fight against tooth decay.

The Future of Seaweed and Teeth

The study still needs more research before the seaweed enzymes can be fully understood. Before you swap out your time proven toothpaste, understand that seaweed is still a great source of nutrition for the body. Similar to vegetables like carrots and celery.

Seaweeds texture in combination with its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and nutrients can benefit the teeth. There are many social media D.I.Y. suggestions about using seaweed to scrub your teeth. Until more research is concluded stick with ADA approved toothpaste and mouthwashes.

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