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Is Using Mouthwash in Your Water Flosser Helping Improve Your Oral Health?

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Robert Leale
Is Using Mouthwash in Your Water Flosser Helping Improve Your Oral Health?There are many types of mouthwash out there. Some simply make your breath smell fresh and neutralize odors. Others have antiseptic properties. We also prescribe antibacterial mouthwashes after certain dental procedures to aid in healing and prevent infection. Any of these can be used in a water flossing device.

Of course, in order to prevent damaging your device, you have to follow the manufacturer's instructions when adding something other than water to the reservoir. If there are special instructions for cleaning the device or reservoir when adding mouthwash to your water flossing regimen, be sure to follow the instructions. It could prevent bacteria from growing in the reservoir.

Does Mouthwash Do Anything Beneficial?

If you are using your standard type of mouthwash, one that you use to freshen your breath after that great food you had that uses lots of onion or garlic, then no. The only beneficial effect is the one you get from the liquid itself, dislodging debris and plaque. It doesn't enhance the benefits of water flossing, it simply acts as a more efficient delivery system.

If you use antiseptic mouthwash you may achieve more benefits. This is because the water flosser can deliver the antiseptic to areas you can't reach with just garlic alone. The water flosser can direct it to a specific area and it can also do it with more force.

If we give you antimicrobial mouthwash to use then a water flosser is an advantage. There is a professional product, designed for consumers, that can be used daily, but is specifically designed to deliver antimicrobial mouthwashes. It has a special reservoir and a special pick tip for delivering the medicinal mouthwash. It has been proven to be more effective than air floss and can reach the pockets in your gums that harbor bacteria. Call us for information on which device would be best for you.

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