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What Type of Biting Injury Should You Seek Our Help For?

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Robert Leale
What Type of Biting Injury Should You Seek Our Help For?There are many types of biting injuries that occur from biting down on hard objects or when you suffer from trauma to your head or neck.

When they happen, it can become difficult to chew and you'll also feel pain and sensitivity. Precisely what you'll feel and how soon you'll need to seek our help depends on the type of biting injury you've suffered.

An Underbite

When you have an underbite your lower jaw extends outward. This causes your lower front teeth to sit in front of your upper front teeth.

An Overbite

Overbites occur when your upper teeth extend too far forward, or your lower teeth don't extend far enough forward. Obviously, this will impact the appearance and functioning of your teeth since you'll bite into the roof of your mouth.

Other Spacing Problems

Typically, spacing problems like overbites and underbites are due to missing teeth or having too small of a jawbone in the area where these teeth are located. You may also suffer from an open bite or a crossbite, but these aren't quite as common as the other biting problems.

All of these problems cause unfavorable aesthetic issues, but they can cause gum issues eventually too. They also make it so that your teeth can't erupt through your gums. We can correct this problem through expansion, usually without removing any teeth.

Repairing Your Biting Problem

When you chip a small piece of your tooth enamel, you need to get it filled. If this happens in a front tooth where it can be seen when you smile, bonding is usually used. This process uses a tooth-colored composite resin.

Despite where you've injured your tooth, it's important to make an appointment with our office to get it fixed as soon as possible. Left untreated, things will only get progressively worse.

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