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Can You Make Your Own Mouthwash?

Posted on 3/10/2017 by Robert Leale
A man trying out homemade mouthwash.
Mouthwash is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Not only does it freshen your breath, it helps to kill bacteria, prevent plaque development and remove debris stuck in the most difficult to reach crevices of your mouth. But many commercial mouthwashes contain harsh ingredients, including alcohol, that can irritate your gums.

And many contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, and many people are beginning to stray away from unknown ingredients. You can't ignore such an important part of your oral hygiene, so what about a homemade mouthwash?

Save Money
One of the biggest advantages, aside from the avoidance of unwanted ingredients, is that making your own mouthwash is actually very affordable. In fact, you will save yourself a significant amount of money overall. Depending upon the ingredients you want to use, you may spend a bit up front, but overall, you will save quite a bit.

Natural Ingredients
Many types of commercial mouthwashes contain all kinds of unnatural or harmful ingredients, including dyes, preservatives and other chemicals. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol, which is known to dry the mouth, and dry mouth promotes bacterial growth. Making your own mouthwash allows you to be in control of the ingredients, and you can choose all natural ones.

Many commonly used ingredients include:

•  Herbs and plants, including aloe vera, clove, cinnamon, mint (peppermint or spearmint), eucalyptus, ginger and turmeric.
•  Sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol.
•  Apple cider vinegar.
•  Baking soda.
•  Calcium carbonate.
•  Salt.
•  Water.

Easy to Make
Most at home mouthwashes are not difficult to make. The ingredients you choose will dictate the exact method used to make it. If you are using fresh or dried herbs or plants, you will get the best results if you boil or steep the ingredients in water. Other ingredients, such as essential oils, don't require heat, and only need to be mixed together.

Making your own mouthwash is a great alternative to commercial types. Just make sure that you are careful with your ingredients and watch for signs of skin irritation. And don't forget about the rest of your oral hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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