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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy on the Raw Food Diet

Posted on 6/20/2016 by Robert Leale
A collection of dried raisins.Have you recently switched to a raw food diet to improve your health? If so, you need to keep in mind how your new eating habits could affect your oral health. To keep your teeth healthy, follow these important steps.

Drink Juice in Moderation

If you are following a raw food diet, your dentist will likely recommend that you avoid acidic juices, as these beverages can destroy your enamel. If you do choose to drink juice, do so in moderation and rinse your mouth out with water afterwards. Never brush your teeth immediately after dirking an acidic beverage.

Limit Your Citrus Fruit Consumption

Citrus fruit will have the same problem as fruit juice. While oranges and grapefruit are all healthy, eating huge volumes of these fruits will increase the acidity of your mouth. The end result could be enamel erosion, which will make your teeth susceptible to cavities and decay.

Avoid Dried Fruits

Most raw food proponents eat a ton of dried fruit in order to get enough calories, and dried fruits also provide more concentrated flavor offerings. However, when fruit is dried, it is devoid of its original moisture, and while this might help to fuel your body, it can wreak havoc on your mouth. Dried fruit can easily get stuck on your teeth or in between them, providing food for acid-causing bacteria.

Take Care of Your Oral Health

To keep your teeth healthy in spite of your diet, you'll need to brush and floss twice a day to remove acid-causing bacteria that can contribute to gum disease and decay. You should also make sure that you are keeping up with your dental visits and ensuring that you get a cleaning and checkup every six months.

Do you have questions about how your diet has impacted your oral health? Contact our office today.
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