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3 Ways Moms can Enhance their Oral Health with their Kids

Posted on 7/27/2015 by Robert Leale
Several kids holding up healthy dental friendly foods.As a mom you are likely always focused on your kids and how to enhance their health, but what about you? You deserve to have your health and oral health optimized too. Because the balancing act can seem like a circus act at times, why not join in with your child - when you care for his oral health, take care of your own too. If you still cannot figure out how to balance it, use these simple tips.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
You probably would never let your child go to bed without brushing his teeth, so why should you? Eventually your sweet toddler is going to turn into a teenager that watches your every move and then starts to mimic what you do. For that reason alone you should start caring for yourself right now. Teach your child independence and let him brush his teeth alongside you. This way you are getting your teeth properly cleaned while your child mimics a good habit. Once you are done, you can then go over your child's teeth to ensure that his teeth are properly brushed.

Eat Healthy
Moms on-the-go can find it very difficult to eat a good meal. If you settle for the drive thru foods or eat your child's Cheerios while you are out, you are not doing your oral health any good. Take the time once a week to prepare proper meals and/or snacks. Slice up fresh vegetables and fruits, cook chicken and lean beef, and make plenty of salads. This way you will have food made and will not have any excuse why you have to eat the processed, sugary junk food that is only causing your teeth to decay. In addition, remember that child is watching you - don't you want to set a good example?

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Everyone knows that moms are busy, but that does not mean that it is okay to sacrifice your oral health. Rather than putting off your checkups, come in every 6 months for your routine cleanings and examinations. What type of example are you setting if you are not coming in to see us every 6 months? Take the time for your health and have a proper cleaning performed. You can bring your child with you and let him see how harmless the dentist really is, making your efforts well worth it in the end. Remember, your child is watching you, so if he starts to notice that you are not going to the dentist, then he will start to wonder why he has to go.

Your oral health plays an important role in you overall health. As a mom, you have a lot to live for, so why not start to take care of yourself too? Taking two minutes twice a day is all that it takes to properly brush your teeth. Add a few minutes at night to floss and you have fulfilled your oral hygiene requirements. If you also make sure that you are eating healthy and seeing us twice a year for cleanings, you will give yourself a better chance at having good oral health, which means less downtime down the road, making it difficult to take good care of your child. Take the time now to take care of yourself and you will miss less time with your child down the road.

If you are ready to take control of your oral health, please call us today! Our staff is ready to assist you with your regular checkup appointment, helping you to stay on track with your oral health.

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