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Foods that Help to Fight Bad Breath

Posted on 6/5/2015 by Robert Leale

A woman with bad breath holding a toothbrush and a bottle of mouth wash. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you may want to do is to brush your teeth. Many people feel like that should be the first thing you do when your feet hit the floor in the morning. Although it is great to brush your teeth each morning, it is not good to do so before breakfast. Bad breath can come at any time, especially in the early morning when you wake up or after a meal that might have some not so great smelling foods, like onions.

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be very embarrassing, especially if you have brushed your teeth and tried everything to mask the odor. It can affect the way you are able to complete your daily duties on the job or even the way you and your significant other communicate. It can also create a feeling of unpleasantness when in public areas where space may be limited, such as an elevator or subway. One of the biggest known causes of bad breath is the food that we consume.

When a food smells bad, chances are it can also cause your breath to smell bad. Garlic has a strong odor that some people may find repulsive. The same goes with onions. When your saliva is the only thing trying to wash away the bad odor, it might take a while. Therefore, helping it by using a mouth rinse, flossing, and brushing can be very beneficial if you are on a strict schedule. If you eat garlic or onions before heading to bed at night, even with brushing, you are more likely to wake up with a foul odor in your mouth.

Besides the most common, onions and garlic, other foods and beverages that can cause your breath to smell horrible include:

•  Alcohol
•  Red Meat
•  Pineapple
•  Sweets
•  Peppers
•  Orange Juice
•  Citrus Juices
•  Tomatoes
•  Yogurt
•  Coffee
•  Cheese

There are ways of combatting bad breath that you can do right at home. Avoiding foods that can get stuck in between your teeth can be helpful, but do you really want to go without caramel, popcorn, mangos, and meat? By drinking lots of water you are replenishing your saliva within your mouth. This saliva helps to eliminate the bad bacteria that are known for causing bad breath. When you do not floss regularly after meals or eating sticky candy, the food particles can become stuck in between your teeth and create a foul odor as well.

For smokers, bad breath is a given. Inhaling cigarette smoke or chewing tobacco can make your breath smell awful and become a very distinct smell on your clothes. Drinking alcohol, or using mouthwashes that contain alcohol, can also give your breath a foul smell. Therefore, to avoid these try switching to alcohol free mouthwash and switching to a safer e-cigarette. It might seem like a tough challenge to quit smoking or chewing tobacco, but when you stop, the chances of you getting oral cancer from them decreases. Alcohol consumption, whether swishing around mouthwash or downing a beer, can lead to other complications besides the wearing of your tooth enamel. Avoiding this can not only save your teeth, but it can also save your liver.

Chronic bad breath is normally diagnosed through a dentist or doctor who you regularly see. They are able to monitor your visits and how foods have affected your ability to breathe freshly. If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties or facing embarrassment due to bad breath, or halitosis, stop by or call our offices today at (509) 590-1763. We look forward to assisting you with all of your dental needs.

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