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What Is Interproximal Decay?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Northview Family Dental
A 3d rendering of a tooth with decayDental decay is a widespread oral concern. It affects both adults and kids but is more prevalent in children. Dental caries can occur on any tooth. One common type of dental decay is interproximal decay. This type of dental caries occurs in the space between two adjacent teeth. It develops like any other type of tooth decay. The condition wears down the side enamel between the neighboring teeth, resulting in cavities. Interproximal decay often goes unnoticed until it has caused severe damage. Our dentist can help detect interproximal decay and conduct the necessary treatments to resolve the issue.

Causes of Interproximal Decay

The causes of interproximal decay are similar to the causes of other tooth cavities. It occurs when bacteria combine with saliva and lodged food particles, leading to an acidic reaction. The acids will then attack the side enamel, leading to plaque and tartar buildup. Over time, the tartar deposits will erode the side enamel between the adjacent teeth, resulting in interproximal decay. Other causes of interproximal decay include improper flossing and exposure to sugary drinks and snacks.

Symptoms of Interproximal Decay

The symptoms of interproximal decay vary based on the severity of the cavity. Increased tooth sensitivity is one of the first signs of interproximal decay. Other symptoms include persistent discomfort, tooth discoloration, and visible cavities.

Treatment Options for Interproximal Decay

Your dentist can treat interproximal decay through various oral procedures. The ideal solution depends on the severity of the caries. Possible treatments include recalcification, dental fillings, and root canal therapy. Other options include dental crowns, tooth extraction, and dental bonding.

Interproximal Decay Prevention Tips

You can prevent interproximal decay through proper flossing once a day after meals. You can also invest in an interproximal toothbrush and use it to brush the gaps between your teeth.

Contact Our Practice Today

Diagnosing and treating interproximal decay requires a dental visit. In any case, it often goes unnoticed since it occurs in the tiny gap between adjacent teeth. Contact our practice today for a comprehensive dental examination.

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