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Reasons Your Dental Filling Could Sit Too High

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Robert Leale
Reasons Your Dental Filling Could Sit Too HighWhen you get a cavity, it must be filled. The first step of this process is numbing the area. It needs to be numbed because the drilling portion of the treatment can cause discomfort. After this drilling, the tooth can then be filled with a filler, usually a tooth-colored resin. After activation of the resin, it gets pushed into the cavity hole and then bonded to the tooth. Once the bonding is set, we then take a grinder and remove the portions we think will be uncomfortable. During this, we may ask you to bite down on the filling and see if it feels correct for your bite. It's difficult to tell since the area is numbed, but usually, the fillings are corrected by the end of the appointment. However, sometimes there are fillings that are too high and incorrect for your bite.

What is a Too High Filling

Fillings that were not ground down enough during your visit will result in a too high filling. Because of the filling materials that are used, this is not a situation where the filling will file down and fit correctly over time. Rather, the filling will push on the opposite teeth and make them sensitive and inflammatory from the pressure.

Can it be Fixed?

Luckily, too-high fillings can be easily fixed by returning to us and grinding down more of it. The discomfort of having the filling ground down may persist for a few days, though, since your teeth will need to realign themselves correctly without the foreign pressure. In some cases, discomfort may last for weeks, but this is not a symptom of a high filling being fixed; it is a symptom of something else. If you are experiencing dental discomfort or believe your filling is too high, come see us, and we'll find your relief.
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