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4 Signs That You Need To Get A New Set Of Dentures

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Robert Leale
4 Signs That You Need To Get A New Set Of DenturesDentures provide a viable solution for patients who have lost a majority or all their teeth as a result of issues like gum disease, severe dental trauma, or age. These dental restorations can restore a patient's lower, upper, or both rows of teeth. Unfortunately, dentures cannot serve you forever.

At some point, you have to replace your dentures. Even the best quality dentures will get damaged or wear out and need to be replaced. On average, dentures last 7 to 10 years, after which you have to get another new set. Here, we provide you with a few things that indicate it's time to get new dentures:

Dentures that Feel Loose or Are About to Fall out

If your dentures get loose or start to fall out, they would either have to be adjusted or you replace them. Dentures with a tight fit can stay in place while doing most of your daily activities. They also remain in place while speaking and chewing. Although you can use a special denture adhesive, it only works temporarily to offer a shorter-term fix.

Dentures that Are Bringing Discomfort or Causing Harm to your Gums

Dentures that are fitting properly and are in good shape won't cause discomfort or pain. In the event that you begin to feel pain while biting and chewing, then the dentures may have to be replaced. Any kind of soreness, lesions, and changes in gums' health should compel you to visit a dentist immediately to get a refit or have the prostheses replaced.

Having Difficulties Speaking Clearly

A loose-fitting denture can make you not speak clearly. You could be slurring words or unable to pronounce words properly. In this case, get the dentures adjusted or replaced to regain your ability to speak clearly.

Damaged or Discolored Dentures

Chips and cracks within the dentures could mean you have to replace them. Discoloration of teeth is another reason to replace dental restorations. Proper care can avoid denture teeth discoloration, especially if you limit coffee, red wine, tea, and smoking, but eventually, they will discolor.

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