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Signs that you Suffer from Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a silent disease, causing many people to ignore its symptoms. Knowing and understanding what to look for can literally save your life. If you exhibit any of the following symptoms it is in your best interest to come in for an appointment to allow us to evaluate your oral health and determine the necessary steps to treat/cure your gum disease:
•  There is a tinge of blood in the sink when you brush your teeth
•  You notice minor swelling or puffiness in your gums upon close inspection
•  You suddenly have chronic bad breath
•  Your bite suddenly seems different or your teeth seem crooked
•  Your teeth look longer

If you are not good about keeping your regular biannual dental appointments, these signs should be a trigger to get you in for a good cleaning and thorough examination right away. Gum disease is curable in its earliest stages, but if you let it go too long it could become incurable, forcing you to lose your teeth and even put your physical health in danger. Even the smallest tint of blood in the sink or a sudden sensitivity in your teeth should not be taken lightly; come in for an appointment so that we can get to the root of the problem, enabling you to treat the issues with minimally invasive procedures and very few side effects. The longer that you wait, you will likely need more intensive treatments and put yourself at risk for heart disease.

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