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If You Knock Out a Tooth, What Should You Store the Tooth In Until You See the Dentist?

Posted on 11/10/2016 by Robert Leale
A man covering his mouth, because he's just knocked out a tooth!
After some type of a dental trauma that has left you with a knocked out tooth, what you do next could be what saves your tooth. The first thing you make sure to do is find the tooth, and only touch it by the enamel up near where you chew.

You never want to touch the roots, as that can damage and kill the tooth. Once you have the tooth, you rinse it very gently under a little water, and try and put it back in place. From there, you call your dentist immediately.

Tending to a Knocked Out Tooth

Should you not be able to put the tooth back in place while you rush to your local dentist's office, you have a few options. You should put it in a clear, clean container that has one of three substances in it. First, you can use your own saliva if you can spit in the container without putting a bunch of blood in it. Next, you can opt for a mild saltwater solution.

However, if you put in too much salt, it can harm the tooth, so go light on the salt. Third, and most highly recommended more often than not, you can fill the container with a little bit of cold milk. The cold is good for the tooth, and the milk helps to protect the tooth during transport.

Once you get to your dentist's office, he or she is going to want to look at the tooth and try and put it back in place if that is possible. The way you get it to them is going to be part of what determines if that is possible, or if the tooth is no longer viable. If you get a tooth knocked out, always call our office immediately to find out what to do.

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