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Spokane Smiles

The Spokane Smile giveaway helps us broaden our reach to those who need it most in our community with the help of partner nonprofits and our team. Local small businesses and nonprofits can nominate someone from their team to receive up to $10,000 worth of dental care from NorthView Family Dental.
**WE'VE ELIMINATED THE APPROVAL PERIOD - all small businesses & nonprofits can simply look over our rules and send us a submission video

Official Giveaway Details and Rules

Spokane Smiles Giveaway Details & Rules

Contest dates:

Fall 2018/Winter 2019
Nomination video submissions: Dec. 3 - Jan. 4
7 nominees moving on announced: Jan. 14
Voting period: Jan. 14-27
Finalists announced: Jan. 28
Finalists exams: Jan. 28-Feb. 1
Winner announced: Feb. 1

Spring 2019
Nomination video submissions: May 1 - May 31
7 nominees moving on announced: June 10
Voting period: June 10 - June 23
Finalists announced: June 24
Finalists exams: June 24- June 30
Winner announced: July 1

Fall 2019
Nomination video submissions: Sept 1 - Sept 30
7 nominees moving on announced: Oct 7
Voting period: Oct 7 - Oct 20
Finalists announced: Oct 21
Finalists exams: Oct 21-31
Winner announced: Nov 1

Winter 2020
Nomination video submissions: Jan 1 - Jan 30
7 nominees moving on announced: Feb 10
Voting period: Feb 10 - Feb 23
Finalists announced: Feb 24
Finalists exams: Feb 24 - Feb 29
Winner announced: Mar 1

How to nominate someone:

STEP 1:Read the Spokane Smile OFFICIAL RULES OF ENTRY (found at the bottom of this page).
STEP 2: Select a team member from your non-profit or small business
STEP 3: Create a nomination video for your team member including details about what makes this person special, why this person deserves a new smile and how a new smile could change their life (limit 3 minutes).
Step 4: Upload your video to YouTube with the title "NorthView Family Dental: Spokane Smiles Giveaway 2019."
Step 5: Send an email to spokanesmiles@northviewsmiles.com with:
•  A link to your video
•  A 2–3 sentence introduction
•  Your name, phone number, city, state, email address
•  The name and age of the person you are nominating
•  And the names of any additional people who appear in your video
STEP 8: ​​Like us on Facebook to watch for contest updates.
STEP 6: ​​Tell all of your friends about Spokane Smiles, so they can vote for your nomination on our Facebook page.

How it works

•  Videos will be posted on Facebook
•  Only nominees from small business & nonprofits will be accepted - please no individual submissions (If you'd like to submit yourself and work for a small business or nonprofit, get your work involved!)
•  There will be a 2 week Facebook voting period (highest number of likes wins)
•  The top 3 finalists will be scheduled for a consult to determine needs & get pictures.
•  A finalist will be announced the day following the voting period
•  will feature the patient’s story–including the nonprofit/small business they are from.
•  NVFD will follow the patient story throughout treatment (update at every appointment)
•  NVFD will do a wrap up story with before & afters when treatment is complete


•  $10K max per patient (Total of $60K/year, $20K/doctor)
•  To be completed within 6 months (if possible)
•  Must be 18 or older
•  Must be in good health
•  If the doctor determines for any reason that treatment is unsafe


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