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"You are the best Dentist and team on the planet. Dr Leale is very patient and does amazing work. All the girls in the office made me feel comfortable and welcome. It's nice knowing I'm in the hands of true professionals!! I will only recommend you to someone looking for a great Dentist. Thank you!"

by Pam Pierce on 09/16/2013

"Know I will get professional treatment and personal attention."

by Mary Kay Fairbanks on 09/13/2013

"2 fillings and all went well"

by Anonymous on 09/04/2013

"As usual, the care I received was excellent. I really enjoy the personal interest from everyone who worked with me today."

by JT on 09/03/2013

"Dr. Leale and staff are fabulous a gentle cleaning very professional staff and they answered all my questions. I highly recommend this office to all my friends and family."

by Stacey Baechler on 08/22/2013

"Thanks as always. You are always professional, have a wonderful sense of humor & always put me at ease. The dental hygienist is the best!"

by Anonymous on 08/20/2013

"I am very pleased with the service all is excellent"

by Anonymous on 08/12/2013

"I am a new patient, as well as my two children. We had a great experience. The staff is super nice. Without seeing a dentist in quite sometime, know that we would need some series work done (thank god for insurance), everyone there made us feel comfortable and not discouraged by our lack of dental care. We are excited to be back, and recommend Northview Family Dental highly!"

by Kevin Ryno on 08/07/2013

"As written about my daughter Joy, customer service was smashing, lots of added value to make you feel welcome. My daughter did comment that she thought the office was pretty busy because the person cleaning her teeth was working in two 'cubicles' at once and 'she didn't scrape all my teeth and the dentist was already there for the exam.....then they just put the fluoride on and didn't finish scraping'. A great visit overall and we are already scheduled for wisdom tooth extraction, thanks to a smooth check out."

by Anonymous on 08/07/2013

"From a customer service point of view, we received excellent treatment. The office was nicely decorated, the staff was friendly and service was prompt. The gift impressed my kids, making them feel special. I was not with my children during their cleaning and exam so I cannot comment on the thoroughness of the actual dental service but I am assuming careful attention was given to the task at hand. Thank you."

by Anonymous on 08/07/2013

"I have very sensitive teeth and Dr. Leale did a very good job! He made me feel very comfortable. The staff was great also! I will go back!"

by Lori on 08/05/2013

"They are not my dentist, but when I had a toothache, they had no problem fitting me right in!"

by Tanya on 03/26/2013

"Always polite and helpful."

by Kellie McCracken on 03/25/2013

"I had no wait time, doctor was nice and explained things very well. Clean and very nice office."

by stacy on 03/14/2013

"Friendly, cheerful, professional care"

by Anonymous on 03/03/2013

"Dr. Leale and his assistants gave me efficient and highly skilled care using state of the art equipment and procedures while prepping me for a crown and replacing a couple of worn fillings."

by Mrs. Golden on 02/28/2013

"Had my visit to get a deep cleaning on half my mouth and I arrived nervous and left feeling calm and good about my experience. Megan cleaned my teeth and was very nice and professional. The procedure went smoothly and was such an overall pleasant experience that I am not at all nervous or concerned about my next appointment. I am very glad to have found this dental office online and plan to keep them as my dental caregivers for as long as I stay in Spokane."

by Chad Reyes on 02/21/2013

"The dental hygienist, the doctor, and the receptionist were kind. They left me believing that they were highly skilled and made decisions that were in my best interest which is to insure that I keep my teeth rather than ever having dentures. God Bless you all."

by Mrs. Golden on 02/21/2013

"They are helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. They are so nice and very considerate."

by Carlo Plow on 02/04/2013

"Without a doubt the best dentist experience I have ever had! The office is clean and modern, with comfortable chairs and nice relaxing music."

by katerina hook on 02/04/2013

"I had an extremely pleasant experience. From my initial contact up until I talked to the person who set my next appointment, all were very nice and professional. I was nervous and everyone did a really good job to help me relax and acted as if everything was normal routine, which helped me relax. Because of this great experience I am not at all worried or concerned about my next visit, in fact, I look forward to it and getting my teeth fixed. Cheers"

by Chad Reyes on 02/01/2013

"Every one was very friendly and very helpful in the information that I needed to know how I could proceed. Thank you."

by Anonymous on 02/01/2013

"Great job, nice staff, in and out in no time"

by Anonymous on 01/21/2013

"You guys are great. I love that you are up to date with knowledge and better ways of doing things. I really like the ultrasonic teeth cleaning - my gums didn't ache after cleaning for the first time ever!"

by Anonymous on 01/10/2013

"Everything went splendidly. I was called in immediately. Terry was professional and pleasant. So was Dr. Leale. I appreciated them advising me of a new floride product. They gave me the product which was paid for by my dental insurance."

by Neil Kempen on 01/07/2013

"I had my top two wisdom teeth pulled. I was disappointed to hear this was necessary given I was told 10 years ago, when I had the bottom two done, that it wouldn't be. Not necesarily to the fault of the oral surgeon, but my initial experience was not positive, but instead it was long and grueling. The procedure at Northview Family Dental was grea! It took me longer to get numb then to have the teeth extracted. I definitley recommend Dr. Leale for extractions."

by Anonymous on 01/03/2013

"Only Dr. Leale can raise 'filling a cavity' to the level of 'mildly unpleasant'. Or maybe that was the nitrous gas? Just kidding. Dr Leale and the staff do a great job and takes care to keep you comfortable while they work on your teeth. Great place to go."

by Anonymous on 01/03/2013

"It is always concerning to go to a new dentist, but my experience was wonderful and I would recommend their office to anyone."

by Jennifer Saito on 01/02/2013

"Terry is great"

by Anonymous on 01/02/2013

"Dr. Leale and his staff are the best. If you call with a dental problem they can always get you in somehow. I would never change dentists. This office is professional and Dr. Leale really knows what he is doing and can do it right!!!"

by Tina Craig on 12/21/2012

"As always, your office is very efficiently run. Your teams work together seamlessly and take the dread away from a trip to the dentist."

by Jane Nelson-Low on 12/20/2012

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