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PDE (Positive Dental Experience) in Spokane, WA

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We are committed to your oral health! Part of establishing a successful oral health care plan is making sure you love your visits with us!

This is why we’ve committed to ensuring all of our patients have PDE (a Positive Dental Experience).

We’re so enthusiastic about you having PDE that we’ve created a process to ensure that you have the best patient experience, are well educated about your treatment, and that you are clear about your investment in your oral health care needs (regardless of whether or not you have insurance.)

So how do we do this? Check out our proven process!
1.  Availability: A great experience starts with us being available for you. That’s why we offer extended hours during the week, before and after work, when YOU’RE available.
2.  Clarity Calls: Whether it’s your very first visit with us or you’re a lifetime patient, we want you to know exactly what to expect at your upcoming appointment. We’ll give you a call prior to your appointment, review everything we’ll be doing and answer any questions you may have. This is a great time to let us know if you’re anxious or have any areas that are troubling you. The more we can anticipate, the more we can ensure your PDE!
3.  Patient Experience: Once in the office you’ll be greeted with our complimentary
•  Office tour (for first time patients), so you feel right at home first thing
•  Bottled water, before and after your appointment
•  Coffee/Tea: a comfort beverage of your choice
•  A Warm Towel, because who says you can’t get a little spa treatment at the dentist
•  Nitrous, or as most people refer to it, laughing gas
•  "Control of the Appointment:" if at any time during your reservation you have a question or need us to stop working, simply raise your hand. You are in control and we want this to be a worry-free environment
•  A blanket, so you can take a nap after we turn on the nitrous
•  A pillow, for extra support
•  Netflix, to catch up on your favorite shows!
•  Pandora, to tune out the dental office noise… we get it
•  A massage chair… yes, a massage chair! Come in early for your appointment and ask if you can relax a bit. Don’t worry, we’ll wake you up if you fall asleep! But it’s a pretty popular chair, so don’t be surprised if someone’s already snatched it up. If that’s the case we’ll try to get you in after your appointment, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!
4.  Diagnosis: We know how important it is to get the proper care you need. This is why our doctors are committed to consistently and accurately diagnosing. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you’re in good hands and your oral health and overall well-being is our top priority.
5.  Education: We want to make sure you’re crystal clear on the service being provided and that you understand your treatment plan. We do our best to explain everything in non-clinical terms, but if at any point you feel like something is unfamiliar, don’t hesitate to stop us and ask for more explanation. All questions are good questions.
6.  Payment: We know that your oral health is important to you, we also know that sometimes payment, billing, and insurance can be confusing. We don’t want payment to be a deterrent when it comes to your health. This is why we’re passionate about making sure you are aware and understand what your investment is, what your most immediate needs are and that you feel comfortable with the financial arrangements BEFORE we start treatment. We stay up to date on all insurance and billing to streamline the process for you.
7.  Treatment: Our dentists stay up to date on the most aesthetic and pain minimizing (or eliminating) techniques to ensure the best result possible. We want you to love the end result.
8.  Follow-up: Don’t worry, we won't forget about you after you leave the office. We follow up after your appointment with a call or text to make sure that you’re happy with your service, healing properly, and don’t have any follow-up questions or concerns.

We know this may seem like a lot, but this is our commitment to you and when it comes to you and your health, no measure is too far!

We want you to have and spread PDE to all, so if we sound like a dental family you want to be a part of, or if you’re already a part of the family but know someone else that could use some PDE, give us a call (or encourage your friends and family to) and schedule your appointment today at (509) 590-1763.


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