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$20K Smile Giveaway in Spokane, WA

**Welcome To NorthView Family Dental's 2018 $20K Smile Giveaway!!**

Review and vote for the top 7 candidates that you want to win up to $20,000 in dental services!

Danny Crossley
(Submitted by: Kaylee Crossley)

This video features my wonderful grandpa who is a professional clown and makes everyone around him smile. My grandpa has had bad teeth for most of adult life, this video tells his story. Notice the way he smiles, he's so careful not to show his teeth.

See Danny’s story here:

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Robert Benn
(Submitted by: MaryAnne, John, LeAnna & Shannon Benn)

Robert Benn is the nicest guy you could ever meet and is a worthy candidate for the NorthView Family Dental 20k Smile Giveaway. A healthy smile would improve Robert's physical health, expand his occupational options and increase his personal relationships. I think having a healthy smile back would change a lot of things for him and for the first time in a long time let people see past the exterior to the great guy he is.

See Robert’s story here:

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Mike DeTemple
(Submitted by: Jackson DeTemple)

Read Mike’s story below:
Make My Dad Happy and Smile
Hi, my name is Jackson. I would like to nominate my dad Mike for your contest. He is 52 years old. Due to an accident he had in the Army most of his back teeth are damaged or gone. He has no back teeth on one side and only 1 on the other and it’s broken. When he was married to my mom he gave up his dental work so my mom and sister could get there’s. My mom needed a lot of work done because of something wrong with her body. I think genetic and a small mouth. My sister needed braces and work done. I also need to get braces when I turn twelve.

My dad takes care of me and my sister, he helps in our school when he has free time. He was my cross country couch for 2 years. Last year he coached my 3rd grade team only 8 weeks after his 3rd neck surgery in a brace and no voice. He is a full time student also going to school to be a teacher. He tries to save money but it seems like something always happens and he can’t get work done like when my mom’s car breaks. He helps her even though they are not married any more or something in the house breaks.

I think my dad deserves to win because he is always helping others even though he has arthritis all over his body. He works hard to get good grades and doesn’t complain. And because I would like to see him smile. He never really smiles because of his teeth. I think he is embarrassed or afraid to smile and I think it would make him happy.
Thank you

Photos of Mike DeTemple’s smile:

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Kairi White
(Submitted by her kids: Jaden, Jenni, Jacie and Josh White)

Read Kairi’s story here:
We are nominating our mom for the NorthView Family Dental 20K 2018 Smile Giveaway. Our mom is the most devoted, selfless, loving person and feel she is the most deserving of this life changing opportunity.

From as far back as she can remember, our mom has had an intense fear of dentists. This stems from a series of dentists who, as a child, would recommend invasive procedures and were not sympathetic to children. These painful experiences, in combination with generations of poor teeth genetics, have shaped her smile (or lack thereof) tremendously as an adult. Her mouth is currently pieced together with a mix of a partial, a “temporary” flipper, and broken crowns. Putting her own oral health to the bottom of the list for several years, she has always made sure her four children had the best dental treatment possible.

To say our moms smile has reduced her participation in social events, increased her anxiety, and disrupted her everyday life would be an understatement. Taking family pictures is not part of our holiday traditions and volunteering in our little brother’s classroom is no longer part of her weekly schedule. Our mom is the most outgoing and generous human being and watching her decide which side of the table to sit on while eating out, not being able to chew or eat certain foods, struggle while talking to others and not being able to truly be herself is heartbreaking.

Her current routine is one that no person should have to bear. She has been making due by super gluing her upper incisor each and every morning and several times throughout the day. After years of feeling humiliated and embarrassed, our mom has never complained or put herself first. Her dream as well as ours, would be for her to wake up and see the person who we see each and every day through having a pain free and effortless smile. The opportunity for her to obtain this treatment would mean the world to her and our family!

Photos of Kairi’s smile:

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William Mitch Jessee
William’s story:
One of my dear friends named Anna Foxley told me about your contest and convinced me to enter. I prefer writing, over video of myself. I dislike watching myself speak because of my teeth. I've struggled to hide them for so long that I have forgotten what having front teeth is like.

But, with that said, here is my story.

Let me take you back to when I was a 10-year-old boy on a cold December day. I was with my best friend Aaron and we are outside climbing a tree. We thought it would be a good idea at the time. My hand slipped from the branch I was holding on and I fell to the ground face first. The concrete broke my two front teeth. After I regained my senses I climbed that tree again.

Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. If I could go back to any day, it would be that day. It set me on a one way trip without my two front teeth. Two years later I cracked my two front teeth again, only this time on a candy cane. When I was 24 they teeth broke yet again on warmed up nachos. When I was 31 my teeth weren't strong enough and they both broke away. The dentist told me there wasn't enough of the original teeth to work with and I would have to get implants. Now I have two blackened holes where my two front teeth should be.

Present day I am 35 and I hide my teeth at all cost. My insecurities have gotten the best of me and have made me a shell of what I used to be. I smirk when I should smile and chuckle when I should laugh. I bow my head when talking instead of holding it up high. I wonder what I would give up to have them fixed, maybe my dignity and my pride?

So here I go reaching for that helping hand. Help me smile again. Laugh out loud and not have to worry about who is staring at me anymore. I want to be me once again.

Photos of William’s smile:

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Molly Helland
Hi there! My name is Molly Helland and I'm so excited and grateful to be able to enter this giveaway. I’ve tried my best to create a video that could explain my complex story in a short amount of time and I hope i've done just that. This Giveaway would change my life due to the pain and low self-esteem I live with on a daily basis. Before there was no end in site and now I have hope that one day my smile will be complete again. :)

See Molly’s story here:

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Mark Hocum
(Submitted by: Shelly Toone)

Mark’s story:
I would love to nominate my brother Mark Hocum! He lives with adult autism and although he has had a very productive and active life he has never been able afford good dental care. His teeth have brought him a fair amount of grief in the last years and I think it would be awesome to surprise him with this chance of a lifetime !!! Please consider him!

My brother has a courageous story ! Deemed completely 'retarded' as a child the state tried to convince mom to place him out at Eastern and as they put it 'walk away '! She refused and we would all go on an adventure to include him, teach him ,treat him as any other boy should be treated! A lot of obstacles ( to many to count ) and now with pride we can say he graduated college (BYU Idaho ) with good marks , become a Order of the Arrow scout , accomplished Scout, square dancer, scriptorian ( he's savant in all scriptures) and has been employed full time since he was 16. Now at 58 he is completely a part of society and his religious community! He will do anything if only to prove others wrong because he knows there is nothing he can't do!! He has faced a lot of discrimination in his life and with a quiet determination and steely will he has always proved any questions to be mute !! His health is now struggling to keep up with the pace. He struggles with severe sleep apnea, chewing food is a struggle as he often bites his cheek creating sore wounds. He has pretty severe gum recession all over his mouth making brushing sore for him. A friend recently donated to have a crown put on one tooth but many more are soon to follow I'm sure. Our greatest concern is his independence! He always struggles to sleep and breath, now elevated with a donated but broken c pap he sees some relief but he still struggles with just being tired . He. Falls asleep in his truck and at work because he is not sleeping and breathing adequately ! Please consider him for help! He would love to have some relief just so he can contribute comfortably !

Photos of Mark's smile:

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Enter to win up to $20,000 in dental services!

NorthView's $20K Smile Giveaway is another way that we give back to the community we serve. We know that a smile can change someone's life. The deadline for 2018 entry has closed, but tune back in November when we reopen entries for our 2019 $20K Smile Giveaway.


Follow the steps below to change your life:

Step 1:
Read the NorthView Family Dental $20K Smile Giveaway OFFICIAL RULES OF ENTRY (found at the bottom of this page).

Step 2:
Create your original submission video OR photo of your mouth.

Step 3:
Upload your video to YouTube with the title "NorthView Family Dental $10K Smile Giveaway 2019."

Step 4:
Send an email to with your photo or a link to your video, a 2-3 sentence introduction, your name, phone number, city, state, email address, age, and the names of any additional people who appear in your video/photo.

Step 5:
Like us on Facebook to watch for contest updates.

Step 6:
Tell all of your friends about us and the $20K Smile Giveaway so they can vote for you on our Facebook page.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to be a NorthView Family Dental patient to enter?

No. Anyone is welcome to enter and to tell their friends about our practice and the contest.

What is the best way to watch for information and updates about the contest?

Facebook. Most of the contest will take place on our Facebook page and on our website.

What is the best way to enter?

A video is the best kind of submission. Tell us a personal story of your current smile, what you don’t like about it, and how it has affected you. Explain how a new smile would change your life. Show us your current smile and explain your financial situation why it has prevented you from fixing your smile in the past.

Tug at our heartstrings, make us laugh, and most importantly be yourself.

What if I can’t make a video?

You can use your phone, personal computer, tablet or a video camera to make your video submission. If none of those options are available to you we will accept a photograph with a short story (300 words or less).


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