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Caring for Your Teeth When Facing Morning Sickness

Posted on 3/20/2017 by Robert Leale
A pregnant woman laying down, after suffering from morning sickness.
When pregnant, morning sickness is a common issue that many women face. It can range from simply being nauseated all day long, to being unable to keep any food or water down at all.

If you are throwing up thanks to your new bundle of joy, taking care of your teeth needs to be a priority. They are going to face a lot of damage if repeatedly exposed to stomach acids.

Here are a few things you can do to help your teeth when struggling with morning sickness.

Keeping Your Teeth Safe in the Face of Morning Sickness

First, speak with your doctor about things you can do to reduce your nausea. This can help you throw up less, causing less potential damage to your teeth. There are over the counter remedies, plus medications, that can help keep your nausea down, so give them a try.

Second, whenever you do throw up, rinse and spit with water. Don't brush right away, as you want your saliva to neutralize the acids before you brush. While the taste in your mouth may be unpleasant, it is important you wait at least 30 minutes before brushing.
Finally, speak with your dentist.

They may be able to help cover your teeth with sealants to protect your teeth if nothing else is working. This can keep your teeth a little safer than letting them just take the damage each time you throw up.

Remember, this stage is typically temporary. No matter what, it will end once you are holding your little one in your arms. Don't let the problem of morning sickness overwhelm the joy of having a new baby. Just make sure you take care of your body as best as you can.

Our office can help so please contact us so we can ease your discomfort today!


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